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All About Me

If asked to sum up, I identify myself in 6 ways...​


1. Mama

2. Wife

3. Wannabe Writer

4. Wannabe Adventurer

5. Organista

6. Prince Fan

​I am a former nanny, former EA (same job, different age groups) former parenting know-it-all, who now has 2 kids of her own (and eats her hat on the regular as a result). When I'm not parenting (haha, when are we ever not parenting?) I'm empowering female-led businesses as a Strategic Associate, hiking or reading about hiking, writing or trying to write, figuring out the ins & outs of School Council, or WAS planning the BIG MOVE.


 I'm a frequent Facebook poster, wannabe (but never execute) Pinterester who would rather spend than craft, much to my husband's chagrin. Most days, you will find me with good intentions and a to-do list, with equal parts follow-through and hot mess. I run on coffee, wine, sarcasm, family and a few good friends but don't actually run. Also, I LOVE the Twilight Series and The Sims. This feels like something you definitely need to know.


For the last 14 years, I have been married (mostly happily) to a banker and have two kids - a boy named Samuel and a girl named Isla. Everyone keeps telling me it's a "million dollar family" and since we haven't received a cheque, I'm assuming they mean that's what it will cost us (so far, so good as my husband says). We live in a little white house that's blessed with a big backyard and a swimming pool but the world's smallest kitchen - and we WERE t-minus 180 days, from trading it all in and moving to the south of Portugal.  That plan has now derailed, catastrophically so it feels, and we are stunned, standing amongst the wreckage (read all about it here)

We are now in a pivot stage (and not in the hilarious Friend's way) trying to decide between moving to a bigger house somewhere outside of the city, or renovate our current house to fit our 'million dollar family' on an Ikea budget. Oh, and sell our beautiful villa overlooking the ocean. Oh, and job hunt. Oh, and learn to accept the fact that we are not moving to Europe. Oh, and...

Either way, I'm sure it will be rife with stories and updates to make you laugh, cry, or practice a very specific gratefulness
(ie: Thank goodness I am not in their shoes).

xo Micah.png
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