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Projects and Writings


Memoir Writing Ink

There is a lot happening at Memoir Writing Ink for 2023. We are preparing to launch our September cohort and have just finished a virtual writers retreat, both of which were immensely successful! Our annual contest The International Amy MacRae Award for Memoir is set to move into the Second Reading stage, with 331 stories submitted and read so far. And, I am getting ready to leave my beloved MWi. Having helped to set up its systems, processes and laid the groundwork for future strategy, it is time for me to move on to another small business. It is a bittersweet time.


What happens when after 2 years of planning and preparing, your BIG MOVE to the South of Portugal collapses, 6 months before you are set to leave...


Renovation (?)

So, it turns out when you are living in a house that is too small for you, and you don't leave it and move to Portugal as planned, you either have to move, or renovate. Given my propensity - read obsession - with all things organization and design, I have begun to develop a few design proposal for the house. It is still unclear if we are pursuing any of them, but it has been quite therapeutic for me amidst all this turmoil. Thank you HomebyMe for creating such an awesome platform!

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